The Curious Case of Tom Cable

Three wives and various girlfriends. Three allegations: one refuted, one admitted, one cleared by the Alameda police.

The Cable man does visit a lot of houses, although usually the cable man sticks to the living room, this particular Cable man likes to install his cable in the bedroom.

Multiple wives are actually the norm for a lot of coaches. It is a tough life for the wives, with long hours and high stress.

Cable admits to hitting his first wife Sandy after she admitted an affair. He says open handed, she says  it was a fist and it happened two times, one time in the face.

Glenda, his second wife, said Cable was physically abusive in divorce papers. She has known Cable for 20 years and she released a statement that said Cable never hit her.

Editorial Note: Divorce papers are designed to maximize payouts/asset splits. If Glenda knew of the previous incident with Sandy, here attorney likely would put that in the divorce documents to get more money out of Cable.

Then comes this Lutz character. She came to Cable’s house at 5 AM uninvited, came inside and insisted on seeing Carol Cable, the other woman at the time.

Cable said no and grabbed her by the arm to escort her out. She refused and fell to the ground (assumed Cable had to let go for this to happen). Cable picked her up and pushed her out the door.

Cable didn’t do anything in that incident that would qualify as abuse. He escorted an unruly person out of his house at 5 AM. Alameda police apparently agreed.

I also assume this Lutz woman in now married. In her Outside The Lines interview she was wearing a huge wedding ring complete with band. I guess she met someone in the last nine months and married them. Take that for what it is worth to you.

A single incident 20 years ago is hardly something that merits people freaking out about. You get to make that mistake ONCE in my mind. With that, the person also better be pretty regretful.

That sounds like the case here. Cable’s statement sure seems like he is sorry for the incident 20 years ago, when Cable was 24.

This was a poorly done story by ESPN. Not seeking comment from Tom Cable is just terrible journalism and does nothing to enhance ESPN’s reputation as a news creating organization instead of a news collecting organization, no matter how unfair the designation.

It is hard not to lose some respect for Cable when something like this comes out. Even 20 years ago my opinion of you changes a bit.

This is why I think it is so important for people to understand that people change. We don’t know Cable, we shouldn’t rush to judge the man.

Can we now conclude that Tom Cable was dating Randy Hanson and that the incident in the coaches room in Napa was actually a lovers spat?

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