Month: September 2009

2009 Game 1 Preview

What we know: This very first game will tell Raider Nation how much hope to have for this season. 4 or 8 wins? Respect or disrespect? There has been some improvement, but the Raiders still have a lot to work

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Seymour Quickcast

Richard Seymour is officially an Oakland Raider. For all you that don’t follow me on Twitter. The Seymour QuickCast

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Seymour’s Family Situation Caused Delay

So now we can all feel a bit badly about harassing Seymour. Tom Cable was telling the truth when he said Seymour wanted to be in Oakland and he did have issues with the Patriots. The issue? Bill Belichick is

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Snow Job Revenge?

Richard Seymour has been sent the five-day letter & if he doesn’t report by Tuesday the Raiders can put him on left club list and he is done for 2009. His final contract year will be pushed to 2010. Provided

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Impressive vs Questionable

I’ve recently read several articles touting Joe Flacco as an "impressive young QB." Got me to thinking just what was the difference between Flacco’s "impressive" and JaMarcus Russell’s "questionable?" So here are the raw stats Russell (+) vs. Flacco(-) from

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Center of Attention: Eugene Parker

Richard Seymour’s holdout means I am forced to talk about it. I don’t think this is news, but I feel the need to balance what is being said in the media and spread across cyber space faster than herpes at

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Seymour Lacks Leverage

Richard Seymour is in shock. He wishes he didn't have to move his family across the country. He feels betrayed by the Patriots. He feels like his chances of a super bowl ring just went out the window. All of

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Mobile Site Launch

On the go this labor day? Maybe you are at the in-law’s barbecue and they are all 49ers fans. Maybe you have been banished to life at the grill, slaving over the charcoal to cook your famous ribs. Whatever the

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Richard Seymour a Raider

Jarring as it sounds, ESPN reports that he has been traded for a 2011 first-round selection. Al Davis must really love the guy, because he doesn’t let go of first-round draft picks very easily. This was a needed move and

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How Did We Do?

I missed five spots:John WadeGary RussellSlade NorrisJeff GarciaRashad Baker Who made it instead of them?Louis RankinTodd WatkinsLuke LawtonSam WilliamsBruce Gradkowski 48/53 isn’t bad. Lets see how other did: also missed five (48/53)Gary RussellJohn WadeSlade NorrisRashad BakerRyan Boschetti Jerry McDonald from the Oakland Tribune also missed five (48/53)RussellNorrisGarciaBakerBoschetti David White

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