McAllister & Mistake

Yesterday, the Baltimore Sun first reported that people around Chris McAllister said he would be joined the Raiders in the next couple weeks. He needs to get into shape.

This is probably the end of the line for John Bowie. Michael Huff played a lot on passing downs and had an excellent football game on Monday night and the Raiders are obviously in need of cornerback help. There is simply no one to push Routt for that third spot. The coaches tried to create a competition for the starting job to get the best out of Routt and Chris Johnson.

Routt’s problem is really football instincts. He has every kind of talent he could need to be successful and is always late. Although I will say the Vincent Jackson touchdown is most likely on Asomugha.

McAllister may not be the corner he used to be, but he has excellent instincts. Many people think he is better suited at safety, but considering our apparent spike in depth at safety and the lack of it at corner, I think he will join the team as a cornerback.

I think there are more than a few people that would question McAllister, but that isn’t the mistake the Raiders are making this week.

If Johnnie Lee Higgins is truly questionable for Sunday’s game, we simply can’t trust Javon Walker and Hiram Eugene to handle punt returns. They haven’t done it much if at all and Hiram was struggling to catch punts on Wednesday.

There are at least two players out there that can help. I outlined in my previous post.

Dexter Jackson is a burner with pretty good return skills. He may have been a bust at receiver, but he couldn’t be worse than Todd Watkins and would give us a legitimate threat in the return game. He could lineup with Rankin on kickoff returns and backup Higgins on punts.

Al Davis would love his speed. The only reasonable assumption is that Higgins will play on Sunday and Hiram and Javon were just getting some reps as a precaution. Let’s hope that is the case, because putting an untested return man into the fire on punt returns is not a wise football decision.

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