Seymour’s Family Situation Caused Delay

So now we can all feel a bit badly about harassing Seymour. Tom Cable was telling the truth when he said Seymour wanted to be in Oakland and he did have issues with the Patriots.

The issue? Bill Belichick is heartless. You give him eight years of service, in which you make the pro bowl a few times. You also are a team captain and you help the guy win three Super Bowls.

So how does that coach tell you that you have been traded? He calls you up and tells you, point blank, dry and without emotion.

Call the guy and tell him you want to see him in person. Have the common decency to realize what that player has done for you, including netting you a 2011 first-round pick.

Second, by now you may have read the Boston Herald article, but I’ll re-hash it anyway.

He has four kids and a 15-year-old cousin he is guardian of. That cousin lost his mother, just changed schools to attend school where Seymour lives.

His options were limited, have his family move to Oakland abruptly changing his cousin’s school again. Have them stay in New England without him, or move back to South Carolina where the rest of his family is located and where his 15-year-old cousin can return to his old school.

His family chose the later. Which means he will work 3000 miles from his family for a while. He has never not lived with his family before. Seymour is a human being and making such a decision probably wasn’t easy.

The NFLPA grievance was “procedural.” Likely the NFLPA seeing opportunity to get clarity and also as leverage for the ongoing CBA talks.

He will play Monday. Poor William Joseph, but he likely got some money out of it.

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  • @LeskiwSFBay Say they cut Woodley just b4 next season. He's not landing another job most likely. Leverage to reduce cap #.
    about 6 hours ago
  • @LeskiwSFBay That's why some players negotiate roster bonuses due at start of league year. Have time to shop services.
    about 6 hours ago
  • @LeskiwSFBay Don't have to decide before. Can reel in big fish before throwing him back.
    about 6 hours ago
  • @LeskiwSFBay People forget...elite talents rarely available in free agency unless rare circumstances. Suh is 1, but rare.
    about 6 hours ago
  • @LeskiwSFBay Plenty of money to reel in marquee player assuming they would come. Assuming can keep him for less, still need the bodies/depth
    about 6 hours ago