Impressive vs Questionable

I’ve recently read several articles touting Joe Flacco as an "impressive young QB." Got me to thinking just what was the difference between Flacco’s "impressive" and JaMarcus Russell’s "questionable?"

So here are the raw stats Russell (+) vs. Flacco(-) from 2008.

QB Rating:
-3.2 points

Completion Percentage:
 -6.2 %

Passing YPG:
-24.2 ypg

Yards Per Pass Attempt:
-.03 ypa

Yards per completion:
+.68 ypc

TD per game:

Int per Game:

-.07 sacks per game

-.1125 per game.

The .1125 fumbles per game is virtually insignificant as well as .07 sacks and .008 TDs. Russell did throw approximately 1 more INT for every five games played, which is barely on the map.

Basically speaking, Russell would have had to complete 1.52 of the passes he didn’t complete in 2008 for a total of 24.2 yards to match Flacco’s numbers.

I think people need to remember that the Raiders had one of the leagues worst receiving cores and that the Ravens had a vastly better defense and also threw the ball 60 more times.

Either Russell is being sold short or Flacco is being oversold. I tend to think it is a little of both.

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