Seymour Lacks Leverage

Richard Seymour is in shock. He wishes he didn't have to move his
family across the country. He feels betrayed by the Patriots. He feels
like his chances of a super bowl ring just went out the window.

All of these are valid feelings. The Raiders aren't likely going to
the Super Bowl. The Pats betrayed him. When you sign a contract you
hope thr other party is in it for the long haul.

His good friend Rodney Harrison said he doesn't know if Seymour will
report and that he wouldn't report unless the Raiders agreed not to
franchise him after the season.

The problem is Seymour doesn't have any leverage to demand anything
from the Raiders. If he doesn't report he will be done for the year at
age 30 the Raiders are not liable for the compensation and the Pats
and Raiders can try and work out other compensation. If they can't
Seymour one year deal would still be valid with the Patriots.

Seymour will report on Friday and get ready to help the Raiders turn
it around. Seymour was a key cog in turning around the Patriots
franchise and now he can attempt to do it again.

This standoff is nothing more than Seymour needing time to move his
family. Once the season starts it is much more difficult to attend to
personal business.

The media will continue to harp on a non-story until it is dead.

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