Mobile Site Launch

On the go this labor day? Maybe you are at the in-law’s barbecue and they are all 49ers fans. Maybe you have been banished to life at the grill, slaving over the charcoal to cook your famous ribs.

Whatever the case may be, now you don’t have to be near a computer to catch up on the latest Raiders news.

Introducing the mobile site. You can find it at and for iPhone users

If you add a link to your iPhone homepage, you also get the sweet logo icon.

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  • @MiketheSaint Too early to be thinking about tiebreaker, but yes.
    about 9 hours ago
  • @ncraiderfan17 Too complicated now.
    about 12 hours ago
  • ICYMI 👇
    about 15 hours ago
  • RT @Cianaf: I think A.J. Green is underrated because he makes everything look easier than it actually is.
    about 15 hours ago
  • @2ndclarence Nice. I actually recorded three versions of this podcast starting Tuesday.
    about 18 hours ago