Richard Seymour a Raider

Jarring as it sounds, ESPN reports that he has been traded for a 2011 first-round selection.

Al Davis must really love the guy, because he doesn’t let go of first-round draft picks very easily.

This was a needed move and Seymour is just 29, so he should have a few good years left.

Seymour is a sack machine and also a solid run defender. He is also the type of guy media pundits credit with creating the Patriots culture.

It will be interesting to see where the Raiders ask Seymour to play. When the Patriots previously played a 4-3 in 2001 and 2002, he played defensive tackle. He has played defensive end in the 3-4 since that time.

He should help with depth across the entire defensive front and provide a valuable locker room attitude. He is a guy that knows winning and Tom Cable needs those type of guys on his side.

It was about time the Raiders put some effort into improving the defensive line other than trying to blame it all on coaching and gap discipline.

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  • Really good, probably. Teams asked. He declined to consider it until that was his only path to a job.
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