Month: August 2009

Gay: Cable punched Hanson

Multiple sources are now confirming Nancy Gay’s report that Tom Cable was the one that put Randy Hanson in the hospital. This is a very shocking. The Raiders have called a press conference at 3:30 p.m. PT supposedly to address

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Getting to Know the Rookies

I decided to have a little fun. See the type of men Tom Cable decided to bring in. CSN Bay Area put together these little question and answer videos. I also found a few articles. Slade Norris Article Slade Norris

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Preseason Game 1: Analysis

I went back and watched the first half of the game to see what I could gather from it. The first time you watch a game you miss some little things and aren’t willing to spend 10 minutes in slow

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Cowboys 10, Raiders 31

Call (916) 776-6774 and tell me what you thought of the Raiders performance tonight. It was a feel good night. Wins feel great regardless of preseason or not, but obviously there was a lot to learn from this preseason match

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Caller #1: Dave from

Dave from The Raider Cast was kind enough to call and leave a message on the comment line. Check it out!

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New Features & Improvements

The new season officially arrives tonight. So I decided to make some site improvements. I’ve been continually adding features this offseason to enhance the blog experience. Take a look at what has been done so far. Site Improvements: – Chat

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Preview: Cowboys @ Raiders

Having gone to college just two and a half hours from Texas stadium and not much further from the ridiculously awesome Cowboys stadium, I’ve come to understand Cowboys fans and Cowboys culture. Most people know life revolves around football in

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20 Preseason Questions

Preseason games can be very difficult to judge and some consider them to be boring. I typically enjoy watching the backups and trying to determine who makes the team and who doesn’t. Which players could surprise? What other question need

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Could Morrison Lose His Job?

The coaching staff has done a good job giving the appearance of competition at linebacker. The only secure position appears to be WLB. That is Thomas Howard. Ricky Brown has been getting a lot of reps at starting MLB and

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Gearing Up For The Season

Unlike my solicitations for Twitter and the comment line (916-776-6774) this doesn’t come as easily. I’d like to ask for your support. As the season gears up, I’ll be trying to improve the blog as much as possible. The blog

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