Preseason Contest Continues

The preseason is still here and that means football, but not regular season football.  So what do we do to bide out time?

How about make some predictions and win some Raiders gear?

Wednesday the media chimed in with their guesses for how many yards passing for JaMarcus (see previous post).

The lone Thursday straggler was Chris Mortensen from ESPN, who came in with the highest media guess of 3,500 yards and as high as 3,800 if the Raiders use McFadden correctly. I’ll give him a pass on the "range" guess.

Thanks to the media the pot is up to $10.50 for everyone else. Not bad, but we can do better. Tell your friends to submit a guess for total yards for JaMarcus. You can check my Twitter favorites for a list of the current guesses.

The next question will be revealed when we reach a $20 pot because you can’t buy a gift card for less than $10 and the pot is split depending on the number of questions.

Tell your friends, or submit a second guess by calling the comment line at 916-776-6774. All comment line guesses now add $1 to the pot. If you are going to call, might as well leave some of your thoughts on the 2009 Raiders.

News & Notes:

DHB and Murphy will start for second straight game and could start the opener – This is a shocking possibility. We expected DHB to start, but two rookies? Wow. Is Higgins in the dog house? More on that later…

Russell’s final two practices looked pretty sharp – You have to wonder if the light bulb turned on for him or if it is just another sign that JaMarcus is inconsistent showing flashes that he can be a stud at times and looking like a high school QB at other times.

Kirk Morrison got fitted for an elbow brace and tweeted that he is feeling good – I expect him to start in the middle when the season starts. Although Brown looked flashy and made some nice plays, he was a liability against the run. He will still likely be the starter at SLB.

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