Russell Will Pass For…

How many yards this season? 3300 yards is the current average. Is that too high or too low? Do you have him at 3700? 2500?

This is the latest Raiders Blog contest. You could win a Raider Image gift card the value of which is dependant on how many people participate. The value grows by $0.50 for every phone call guess to 916-776-6774,  $0.25 per twitter guess and $0.25 per guess as a blog comment.

Did I mention you can maximize your chances of winning by voting via tweet, call, and comment? Yep, three entries for each question and the pot will grow each time.

Also, build the pot without a guess. ReTweet the questions to build the pot even more. Want it bigger? I offer pot boosting bonuses from time to time. Listen to podcasts and follow me on twitter for opportunities!

This is just a fun little thing to do while we wait for the regular season to start. Get involved. It takes seconds to submit a guess and you could win a little something.

Other rules and boring stuff: The contest isn’t official until the pot hits $5 for each question or 20 guesses whichever comes first. Deadline for each and every question is gametime Sep 14, 7:15 PM PT.  The pot amount will be divided by the number of questions and that amount will be given to the winner of each question, the closest to the actual information retrieved from and/or There will be no ties, first tie breaker: time of the guess (first come first wins) second: The guess that is lower of the guesses. Total prize is not to be smaller than $5 for each question and not to exceed $20 for each question. Maximum total pot value is $100. Prize will be paid in the form of Raider Image giftcard or giftcard.

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  • @ArianFoster bi-fold with a sliding hinge.
    about 2 hours ago
  • @SullyFootball Looked very good to me. Will have to take a second look. Played with more aggression, which was good to see.
    about 3 hours ago
  • @Jalapeno87 no
    about 11 hours ago
  • @MoRaiderFan About the same. When he needs to gun it, he has to wind up.
    about 11 hours ago
  • To me, it looks like Schaub has lost a lot of velocity over the last 2 years. Never had a cannon.
    about 11 hours ago