50 Years of Existence: 25 Years of Greatness

We all know Al Davis ultimate goal is to win Super Bowls. Anything short is failure. Maybe not practically, but figuratively. Al Davis wants to retire as an owner with the most Super Bowl victories to cement his legacy. If he goes out on bottom his legacy will be of the owner for the first 25 years and not of all 50+ seasons. That is Al Davis’ nightmare.

In a period of the last six seasons where the Raiders have become the laughing stock of the league, fans and Davis have become impatient. Fans should look for young players, good plays, good drives, before they start to talk about star players, good games and good seasons. Fans grasp for more and more hoping someday they will have all the bragging rights. Davis is and always has been a fan, and he has done much of the same. I’m unsure if he will ever let go of the past, but one thing is for sure, no one tries or cares more than him.

In this spirit I present to you, the 13 teams that have won a Super Bowl since the Raiders last Super Bowl in 1983. Anti-climatic, I know.

San Francisco – 4
New England – 3
New York Giants – 3
Pittsburgh – 2
Dallas – 2
Washington – 2
Denver – 2
Tampa Bay
St. Louis
Green Bay

If you think about it, 19 other NFL teams have been just as much of a failure as the Raiders in the past 25 years. The Raiders dominated the league for the first 25 and been somewhat of an embarrassment for the past 25. Sure we had Super Bowl caliber teams in the last 25, but ultimately, there was always someone better.

As we enter the 50th anniversary season in 2009 hoping for an 8 win season, remember the NFL goes in patterns. If this pattern is to be believed, we have three Super Bowls to win in the next 25 years.

I know Al Davis wants two more before he walks with a walker off into the sunset. He is 80 years old now. At his age he could go any day, unexpectedly, quickly. He could also trudge until he makes triple digits. He knows just as we all know.

Lets hope the Raiders return to greatness before Al Davis returns to his maker.

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