Cowboys 10, Raiders 31

Call (916) 776-6774 and tell me what you thought of the Raiders performance tonight.

It was a feel good night. Wins feel great regardless of preseason or not, but obviously there was a lot to learn from this preseason match up. The wins doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things.

– Russell looked pretty good. He under threw a couple deep throws, but was a solid 6 for 9 with 50 yards.

– Chaz Schilens looked like a stud. All his catches were great, in traffic or with strange body adjustments. That is how you end up with a stat line like 5 for 52 when you only play one quarter.

– McBush looked superior to Fargas. I like Fargas, but he shouldn’t be getting touches over McFadden and Bush. As far as a third back goes, would you want a guy like Rankin or Russell over Fargas? Either a shifty small guy or a big bruiser. Fargas feels like a Tweener.

– Nick Miller is a feel good guy. He is certainly intriguing. He is going to need a couple more plays like that to make the squad though.

– Nice Play by Michael Huff. He has a long way to go to restore himself in the minds of Raider Nation.

– Nnamdi Asomugha said the team is going to blitz more. Maybe Al Davis is realizing he doesn’t have front four talent to get consistent pressure and has relaxed his stance on blitzing?

– Raiders rush defense was spotty. They were consistently getting pushed back and stood up on that second drive. Kelly was out and apparently there were communications issues between Warren and Morrison. That must be fixed.

– Obviously penalties were a big problem. Especially interior line penalties. Nothing new, and Cable needs to swiftly address the penalties. The biggest thing though, is we fought through the penalties.

– Ekejiuba was hurt. He would be a big loss for our special teams coverage units. They are far superior with him than without.

– No turnovers was something of a preseason rarity.

– Gradkowski looked smooth and in control playing with the second team.

– Frye also looked pretty good considering he was playing with the third team.

– RB rotation was more like a straight depth chart.

– DHB looked like the type of player that could open up underneath routes. Made a nice slant route catch. Deep ball was under thrown by Russell, he had a step on the CB.

– “What young players will shine? I’ll put my money on Louis Murphy on offense and Slade Norris on defense.” – I’d say I called that one pretty well. Murphy 2 for 40 yards. Norris 4 solo tackles.

– “Jason Witten vs. Raiders LB/S” – CBs definitely aren’t going to be able to cover him.

– “Greg Ellis – He wants revenge, but will he save it for the Thanksgiving day game in Dallas?” – First play swat isn’t enough! Gotta work on a holiday Greg.

– “Jerry Jones in the same suite as Al Davis” – I didn’t see, but he got plenty of high fives by the Black Hole.

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