20 Preseason Questions

Preseason games can be very difficult to judge and some consider them to be boring. I typically enjoy watching the backups and trying to determine who makes the team and who doesn’t. Which players could surprise? What other question need to be answered? I will ask 20 questions and without much thinking my knee jerk answer.

Can John Wade, McQuistan and other offensive lineman be good backups or even start if needed? No.

Is Morrison’s job actually at risk? No.

Will Mike Mitchell be able to lay the wood against higher competition? I hope.

How will the running back rotation work? McFadden will get work regardless, otherwise evenly.

Will Terdell Sands get cut? No.

Is Schilens going to lead this receiver group? Yes.

How will DHB look against a live NFL defense? Fast.

Is Mario Henderson the answer at left tackle? Yes.

Will Huff cement his bust status? Yes.

Which two players will emerge and start at FS and SS? Huff and Branch.

Is Oren O’neal truly healthy? Yes.

How much does Lorenzo Neal have left? Enough.

Who will win the battle at third string QB? Frye

Does Routt actually have a chance to start at CB? No.

How many uprights will Seabass hit? 2

Will John Marshall blitz? Some.

Will kick returns be altered by the new wedge rule? Yes.

Will Cable’s playcalling remain as gutsy as it was last season? I hope.

Can the Raiders defense stop the run? I hope.

Can the Raiders offense score in the red zone? I hope.

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