Gearing Up For The Season

Unlike my solicitations for Twitter and the comment line (916-776-6774) this doesn’t come as easily.

I’d like to ask for your support. As the season gears up, I’ll be trying to improve the blog as much as possible.

The blog is now available at I also am in negotiations to buy a more prominent domain name.

I ask for your donations for the continued upgrade of the blog as well as features and the new domain name.

If you are in a similar position and have any graphic design skill, please contact me. I want to upgrade the look and feel of the site and your help would be rewarded as much as possible.

I am a Raider fan like all of you, but you are not donating to some hack. I do have my degree in journalism.

The biggest problem I have with most of the beat writers is they have checked their fan at the door.

I don’t want homers, but the saddest thing to me is when I hear or see them write that the job has taken the fan out of them.

Who am I? I was one of few people invited to interview for the Raiders vacant PR position last season. Regrettably, I did not interview due to my very own wedding taking place the same week in Hawaii.

I currently work for a big bank and it takes a lot of my spare time to write and keep you updated with Raiders news and analysis.

You can give as little or as much as you want. I thank you for your continued support. If you can’t afford to give, please don’t. There are more needy than I.

If you would like to see this blog get more exposure and have improved content, consider donating. Very little goes a long way.

Thank you.

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