$10 Raider Image Gift Card

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Need some ideas?
-How many wins will the Raiders have and why?
-Who will be the starting QB and why?
-Who will be the starting RB and why?
-Who will be the breakout player this year and why?
-Who are you most looking forward to watch?
-Which rookie will make the biggest impact?
-Are you going to the Raider Nation Celebration and why?

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  • @emdub52 @RAIDERS Many reasons, but one major one is practices aren't open to the public. Fewer eyeballs.
    about 34 mins ago
  • @Chris_Barker Just the way guys are built.
    about 35 mins ago
  • First, the body of it is not even cold yet. Two, they'll be another one just like it next year. https://t.co/LPvB6dT5sC
    about 36 mins ago
  • Did they put a sponsor patch in its place? I actually don't care here. Put team before individual. https://t.co/BUEJIRBnXn
    about 42 mins ago
  • McFadden's issues with soft tissue injuries is crazy. He was crazy beast for like 18 months then it was gone.
    about 46 mins ago