$10 Raider Image Gift Card

To the 10th caller 916-776-6774. ReTweet. Tell your friends. Don’t forget to leave a good take! This wont be the first or last promotion.

Need some ideas?
-How many wins will the Raiders have and why?
-Who will be the starting QB and why?
-Who will be the starting RB and why?
-Who will be the breakout player this year and why?
-Who are you most looking forward to watch?
-Which rookie will make the biggest impact?
-Are you going to the Raider Nation Celebration and why?

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  • Sounds like someone wasn't using all their brain cells.
    about 39 mins ago
  • @Cianaf Joe Flacco.
    about 40 mins ago
  • Why were the Oakland police even in Napa? This is all kinds of strange. https://t.co/P2okpz6VZ6
    about 43 mins ago
  • RT @RAIDERS: The Raiders have waived offensive tackle Quinterrius Eatmon.
    about 47 mins ago
  • Why keep trying to light a fire under him if you are giving up? Usually get BS answers when a staff gives up. https://t.co/p10sfvXeuu
    about 56 mins ago