Month: August 2009

The Sky is Falling

It would be easy to sit here and say the Raiders suck or something like that in a different variation of words. It is easy and people do it all the time. What is harder to do is look through

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Preseason Contest Continues

The preseason is still here and that means football, but not regular season football.  So what do we do to bide out time? How about make some predictions and win some Raiders gear? Wednesday the media chimed in with their

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Media Takes A Guess

Use these as a guide. At least you can see what some of the media people are guessing and attempt to fight the urge to be a homer. I think we all have to fight that urge from time to

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Russell Will Pass For…

How many yards this season? 3300 yards is the current average. Is that too high or too low? Do you have him at 3700? 2500? This is the latest Raiders Blog contest. You could win a Raider Image gift card

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Raiders 20 @ Niners 21: Cable Speaks

First thing I want to get out of the way. I am not sure how many of you caught the pregame chat between Greg Papa and Tom Cable, but here is the link to the archive. 4 – 5 PM

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50 Years of Existence: 25 Years of Greatness

We all know Al Davis ultimate goal is to win Super Bowls. Anything short is failure. Maybe not practically, but figuratively. Al Davis wants to retire as an owner with the most Super Bowl victories to cement his legacy. If

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Hanson Will Talk to Police

After an attempt to negotiate with Al Davis to get his coaching job back failed, Randy Hanson decided to cooperate with police. At least that is the story out of the National Football Post this afternoon. A civil case is

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Schilens Breaks Foot

Somehow my posting from work didn’t go through. I had previously posted about Chaz Schilens breaking his fifth metatarsal. The broken foot means he will be out for at least 4 weeks. My guess was 6-8 for a full recovery.

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The Real Story

This information was gathered from a scout who received this information from a very good source and it perfectly explains some things. Cable did not punch Randy Hanson. Hanson was in a heated discussion with John Marshall and said something

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Cable Could Be in Hot Water

Do I sense a Al Davis league office battle? Cable could be in real trouble under the NFL’s personal conduct policy especially if the Raiders failed to report it to the league office. It reads: "General policy Engaging in violent

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