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Amy Trask & Michael Vick

On the drive into work today, I started wondering if Amy Trask’s involvement in an animal rescue would keep Al Davis from signing Michael Vick. My initial impulse is yes. If Amy doesn’t like it, she is one person in

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Training Camp 2009: Day 1

Before I get into training camp. A few Vick updates. Adam Shefter tweeted this morning that Vick isn’t going to land in Oakland. Nnamdi Asomugha also tried to dismiss the notion that the Raiders like to sign thugs. That really

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Training Camp Preview

What to expect from Raiders this training camp. Is the offense going to lag significantly behind the defense like the past few seasons or will the offense start make some plays? Two great questions I can’t answer along with, “Will

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4 More Will Be Cut

Because the roster currently sits at 84, there will be four more players cut before camp. So who will they be? 1. Southwick was a camp arm2. Walter may finally get his wish3. Samie Parker is still on the Roster4.

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  • @DaBronxx_Inc Not by design. Barely cleared defenders hands. Thrown into area with traffic that just didn't react.
    about 34 mins ago
  • @fast_eddie70 What did I do? Thanks!
    about 38 mins ago
  • Some tackling would be nice Chargers.
    about 41 mins ago
  • Got the first one. Bit of a yolo toss by Rivers to Royal, but they'll take it.
    about 44 mins ago
  • Gotta get a TD here and then another out of half. Then it might get interesting.
    about 45 mins ago