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  • 00:07 @twfeed Is it possible to filter out certain blog posts that I don’t want posted to Twitter?
  • 01:44 @twfeed Thanks.
  • 09:58 Cable’s very good turnout = 15 players not participating.
  • 09:59 Offensive line is healthyand Zach Miller is practicing.
  • 09:59 Mcfadden, Garcia notables that aren’t participating.
  • 10:00 Darius Heyward-Bey is here now that he has graduated. Mike Mitchell still prohibited because of the NFL rule.
  • 10:01 Asomugha missing again, but Chris Johnson showed up.
  • 10:03 Warren out with pec injury that had plague him since last year. Burgess and Richardson missing.
  • 10:04 Cable’s concept of very good turnout is optimism at it’s finest…or denial.
  • 10:06 Tom Flores at OTAs today. Javon Walker is a spectator.
  • 10:12 Russell already looks better. Is Garcia bugging him or was it just the newness? Trevor Scott says technique and fundamentals today
  • 10:15 DHB not practicing. So far he barely has a leg up on Crabtree in terms of practice time.
  • 10:56 Situational run plays dominate first set. Satele 2nd team. Mario ALL the snaps at LT.
  • 10:57 Pears now in at LT. Russell 4 for 4 in 7 on 7 drills.
  • 11:01 Red zone. Russell 50% 1 TD. Alston looking like a beast at OLB.
  • 12:24 A lot of sacks. Regular & coverage. Passing game: Deep WRs, dump pass underneath every play. Frantz Joseph makes a play to end the OTA.
  • 12:32 Lorenzo Neal: The Raiders are back. Commitment to dedication and excellence. Everybody follow the Raiders, we’re coming this year.”
  • 12:32 Sam Williams: “We’re working hard, putting in the work, listening to our new coaches, and we’re trying to get that Super Bowl ring."
  • 12:33 Darrius Heyward-Bey: "The wide receivers – we’re all close since I’ve been here. We joke around and stuff like that, so it’s pretty cool.”
  • 12:34 Michael Bush: “We’re out here working hard, trying to get ready for the season and getting in shape. We’re looking forward to the season."
  • 12:34 Post-Practice, TE Zach Miller: “I started working my way back in, I feel good. Next week I’ll start doing everything.
  • 12:35 Stryker Sulak: “Right now we’re just working OTA’s, trying to get better every day and learning the plays. I’m excited to be a Raider.”
  • 12:37 Post practice quotes via @oakraiders
  • 12:39 Florio caught on RT @ProFootballTalk Heyward-Bey Sidelined #NFL
  • 12:42 Hamstring soreness is reason for DHB sitting out. Lingering hamstrig for a speedster isn’t a good start.
  • 15:14 SS Mike Mitchel will be allowed to participate in OTAs after he graduates on June 11.
  • 15:22 @mortreport Are you implying something good about what the Raiders are trying to do?
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