Mini Camp Day 3 Recap

You have to wonder why so many of the rookies missed practice because
of hamstring cramps. I guess they just weren't used to the rigors of
the NFL.

It is concerning, but we know nothing was major. Were the Raiders
playing it extremely safe? Or, were the Raiders trying to alleviate
some of the media scrutiny on the young guys?

Whatever the reason practice was sloppy with many non-contibutors.

Because of the sloppiness and with so many guys sitting out it was a
difficult day to gauge.

I hope the coaches are truly making strides with these guys' mental
game and fundamentals.

Neal is already looking like a great pickup. He is older than a normal
FB but he still has game and is in shape. Provided he stays healthy he
is just the right kind of FB to complement O'Neal and improve the run
game and pass protection.

Most impressive camp: TE Chris Oneil. Everyone was raving about this

Least impressed: WR Lious Murphy because he couldn't stay on the field
with cramps.

Cramps are easily avoidable with proper hydration and vitamin levels.
This is one of those things that irk me. Pro athletes should be versed
in proper nutrition so these problems can be avoided. I know that bad
cramps can actually create a strained feeling in that muscle, so that
could be why these guys couldn't practice. Why not avoid this by
drinking some water eatig a banana and popping a Men's multi-vitamin?

I digress. I think the real practice goes on behind closed doors. The
media friendly practices are more of a show and tell / meet and greet
than anything. Not that things aren't happening, they are, but this is
more of an evaluation period for the coaches. After OTAs and as
Training camp arrives, playbooks will be memorized and players will
know each other. The coaches will know what they have and the battle
is on. Win or die.

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