Crabtree vs. DHB: Head-to-Head

Graham Harrell – 628 Pass Attempts, 442 Completions for 5111 yards and 45 TD
Chris Turner – 374 Pass Attempts, 214 Completions for 2516 yards and 13 TD

Crabtree – 97 Receptions, 19 TD and 1165 yards
Heyward-Bey – 42 Receptions, 5 TD and 609 Yards

Crabtree had 22% of Harrell’s completions, 42% of the TDs and 23% of the yards
DHB had 20% of Turners completions, 38% of the TD and 24% of the yards

Very comparable, but Harrell had 9 INT in those 628 attempts and Turner had 11 INT in his 374 attempts. Harrell was a much better QB in a pass happy offense. Turner was a poor QB in a run first offense, yet DHB had comparable numbers, relatively.

Cable’s claim that DHB would have had 50 TD in the Red Raider’s offense isn’t that far fetched after all.

Here is a little more…

Maclin 102 rec, 1260 yards, 13 TD
Daniel 528 Att, 385 comp, 4335 yards, 39 TD

26% of the comp, 29% of the yards, 33% of the TDs

Maclin’s numbers are much better than both Crabtree and DHB in these areas.

Mike Teel 396, 243, 3418, 25
Kenny Britt 87, 1371, 7

That is 36% of the completions, 40% if the yards, 28% of the TD.

Britt’s is even better in yards, but worse in TDs.

Hackeem Nicks 68, 1222, 12 TD
QBs 175 of 303, 2429, 20 TD

Hackem Nicks

39% of the completions, 50% of the yards, 60% of the TDs

Nicks is the best in all of them.

I’d say this good to compare how much a guy was utilized and how much they produced based on that utilization. So the % of the completions is just a usage indicator, with the other percentages demonstrating what they were able to do with those completions.

This is good to see what a guy did with his opportunities, nothing more. DHB did about as much as Crabtree considering many fewer opportunities, while Nicks did more than the others with his. Britt had significantly more in yards, but his scoring production was behind the others.

What does it all mean? Maybe nothing, maybe something. I am present the facts, with a little of my opinion and anecdotal evidence mixed in. You can be open minded about the possibility Crabtree isn’t as good as the hype, or you can believe in the hype and disregard my stuff. That is up to you. Any player that is so hyped deserves to be broken down to see if they are that good, in my opinion.

To me, I like DHB, but I wanted Monroe. If you want to make the case for Raji or something I believe those arguments hold a little more weight than a DHB vs Crabtree if you really look at the numbers on a scale that is equalized and not based on a high powered Texas Tech offense.

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