Crabtree: Recipe For Disaster

Crabtree had a pre-existing injury. It didn’t hurt him during the season and running does nothing to hurt it any more than it already was. See Crabtree’s comments about the injury to the Dallas Morning News.

It was “discovered” at the combine. He could have worked out for scouts and then had the surgery. Instead, some “sense” was talking into him and teams will not have any workout at all on which to judge the guy. None.

It is also an injury that can become chronic if it doesn’t heal correctly: Jones Fracture Info

Mike Leach’s offense:

Check them out in the Pre-Crabtree years…you will see hardly a difference.

Crabtree Year’s
2008 – 413 Passing YPG (Ranked #1 by 12 YPG)
2007 – 470 (Ranked #1 by 24 YPG)

2006 – 369 (Ranked #3 behind by 69 YPG) – This was also Harrell’s first year starting.
2005 – 389 (Ranked #1 by 5 YPG)
2004 – 399 (Ranked #1 by 61 YPG)

However, you have to keep in mind the relative aspect, which is why I provided the rankings and by how many YPG.

Bottom line, the offense inflated his numbers significantly.

Although he was listed in college at 6′ 3″

He actually measures 6′ 1 3/8″. This might be a common practice in NCAA Basketball, but it is far less common in NCAA football. It doesn’t make him a bad player, but it is a small piece of the puzzle.

I say this guy is a recipe for bust. I am bold enough to say it and If I am wrong I’ll be man enough to admit it.

I was leaning towards this conclusion early in the process, I have recently become convinced.

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  • bigtay304

    I’m kind of leaning towards Crab busting. Something about catching all of your passes within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage, not being fast, and not being tall. I see him like a Houshmanzadeh best case.