The Raider Way: Don’t Trade Down

Peter King of put together a table of recent draft weekend trades.

It turns out, the Raiders traded up six times and down just one time in the last five years.

A little math brings us to a ratio of trading up to trading down of 86%. The only two teams with higher trading up percentage was Buffalo who traded up three times and down no times and Arizona that traded up one time and down no times, but that isn’t even an average of a single trade per draft.

Do a little assumption based on this limited set of data, the Raiders will trade at least once and there is a good chance it is going to be up. If you factor in the trade down as likely having everything to do with Kiffin, who is now gone, put some money on the Raiders trading up at least once.

Other Notes: The funny thing is I am starting to believe Aaron Curry could actually fall to our pick based on the untrustworthy draft week rumors. I am not convinced the Raiders would draft him if available, which is the scary part. I am also starting to doubt paying a LB that much cash. Don’t you want a guy making $11 million a season to be highly productive? I caution Raider Nation very early, if by some miracle Aaron Curry falls to the Raiders and the Raiders select him, it will be very difficult to gauge Curry’s impact unless the run defense greatly improves. Still Curry might be turning into the safest player in the draft that everyone is afraid to give $10 million a year to.

Harvin could fall to the second round on the heels of a postive drug test, so if he was the WR we liked best (Which isn’t far fetched) there might be a chance we could snatch him with our second pick.

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