Aaron Curry Falling? Raider Nation Dreams

Do you remember my previous post? Never trust anything you hear the week of the draft. Not even from me. We all can get it twisted this last week. One thing I can say for sure, the good NFL teams keep it straight and basically tune out any speculation and turn the phones on for trade talk only.

There are reports out there that KC probably will not draft Aaron Curry. There is always a possibility Curry gets snatched up before KC or the Browns or Bengals could potentially jump in and get Curry. Still, a few things hold true, LBs aren’t traditionally top 5 picks. I believe the last one was AJ Hawk, and who right now would trade Thomas Howard or Morrison for AJ Hawk? Maybe half of people would say that, but the those two Raiders linebackers came cheaper because they also came later in the draft.

Three scenarios could play out.

1. Curry is picked by KC, or somewhere before our pick
2. Curry falls to us and we select him
3. Curry falls to us and we don’t select him

Scenario 1 is dreamless sleep, normally pretty satisfying, just about what you thought, so this isn’t surprising. We didn’t expect to have a shot at Curry.

Scenario 2 is one a Raider Nation Wet Dream (mine included) – Curry is a leader and I see his character fitting in well with Howard and Morrison. I love Curry, so this news is probably the best that I could hear, (Again, can we believe this news? Probably not). Are we willing to put up with the mess for the stuff we get to have in the wet dream?

Scenario 3 is one of a Raider Nation Nightmare – LBs are rarely top 10 selections, so why do we think Curry is worthy of a top 10 selection even if he is everything you look for in a linebacker? Linebackers don’t go high and the salary can also be a barrier. An Aaron Curry contract may be preventative. Morrison and Howard are in contract years, would you want Curry bad enough to sacrifice one of these two? Still this nightmare came unexpectedly and has the potential to haunt us for a long time.

I guess it is always possible to keep all three, but few teams are willing to spend that kind of money on a set of three linebackers. I guess Curry wouldn’t be THAT expensive slotted at number seven, but it is still a considerable chunk of change.

These crazy stories always come out draft week. It is fun, but lets not get excited just yet, we need a good player not a hyped player (See Reggie Bush vs Mario Williams).

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