Month: April 2009

Mike Mitchell is a Media Darling

Mike Mitchell is quickly becoming a media darling. I can’t think of a reason anyone in the media wouldn’t like to see Mike Mitchell do well. After all, reporters are always looking for a good story. Mike Mitchell has been

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Who is Darius Heyward-Bey?

First watch this highlight reel and take special note of the routes DHB runs. If you listen to KC Joyner aka The Football Scientist, you would realize what a hack he is. He said on ESPN radio the other night,

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Judging the Draft

Judging the draft is like judging your sister when she is 13. First off, it is downright wrong you are judging her looks. Secondly, you can’t really tell if that young girl is going to a model or plain Jane

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Crabtree vs. DHB: Head-to-Head

Graham Harrell – 628 Pass Attempts, 442 Completions for 5111 yards and 45 TDChris Turner – 374 Pass Attempts, 214 Completions for 2516 yards and 13 TD Crabtree – 97 Receptions, 19 TD and 1165 yardsHeyward-Bey – 42 Receptions, 5

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Mike Mitchell

Now we know the Bears wanted him with the 49th overall selection. Mel Kiper also said another team planned to take him in the third round. Apparently a few scouts see something in this guy. Mel said the scout said

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Bold Draft or Bad Draft?

So far both the Raiders picks could be considered a reach. While I support the Heyward-Bey selection, I wish we could have traded down to get him and got more picks. While there is debate about Heyward-Bey, you could argue

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More and More Crabtree

Crabtree was roomates with cocaine dealer I can’t believe the kind of negative crap that is coming out about this guy. I’m pretty sure NFL teams have done their homework. I see the 49ers at ten as a real possibility.

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Burgess Shopped. Raiders Sour on Crabtree

News or not, these are two of them I personally think are worth posting about. 1) Burgess is reportedly being shopped. This isn’t a surprise since his skills are diminishing, he doesn’t show up for anything voluntary, he is cheap,

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Rumors of Heyward-Bey or Harvin at No. 7

Sound crazy? Sure does to me. That is what ProFootballTalk is throwing out there. For what it is worth, even local beat writer Jerry McDonald has said he has heard rumors about Heyward-Bey being a lock. I’ve read elsewhere early

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Crabtree: Recipe For Disaster

Crabtree had a pre-existing injury. It didn’t hurt him during the season and running does nothing to hurt it any more than it already was. See Crabtree’s comments about the injury to the Dallas Morning News. It was “discovered” at

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