Cornell Green

Cornell Green was arrested for aggravated assault while trying to catch a plane to Oakland.

First let me say, I don’t have a problem cutting Cornell Green for the incident. He is a backup now and should be treated like one.

However, we have to put a little faith in our justice system. We have penalties for what he did. If convicted, he will be punished accordingly. Felonies exclude people from employment at most places. So if he is convicted or pleads guilty to a felony, that to me is grounds to cut a player no matter who the guy is.

There is a good chance that he pleads to a lesser charge even if he is guilty. Misdemeanor battery for example.

This certainly puts him on my short list of Raiders players I’d like to kick in the groin, but there is also a chance he didn’t do anything and an upset girlfriend wanted to hurt him.

So, I’ll let it play out, but you certainly have to be upset for the negative attention, when the Raiders have been pretty good about eliminating negative attention outside of the Kiffin fiasco.

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