Wilson, Edwards, Curry Cut

Shocking news today was the release of Gibril Wilson, Kalimba Edwards and Ronald Curry.

Curry wasn’t a surprise at all, as his release had been speculated for weeks.

Edwards was a bit of a shock, but with the depth of DE available in the draft his cap number ultimately made him expendable.

The biggest surprise was the cut of Gibril Wilson. Signed last season for big money, he seemed to be the only signing to pan out from last season. He had a good, yet unspectacular season.

I think what this came down to was money. He had a big cap number which we probably wanted to move back as part of a restructuring. Wilson probably didn’t want to do this because he was unhappy here. We decided, like the Giants the year before, that there wouldn’t be a significant drop-off without Wilson on the roster.

I can actually see some purpose for this cut outside of the cap ramifications. He is a liability in coverage and although you can give Hall most of the hate for getting beat, often times it was Wilson, who was the deep cover man. He did well in the box, helping to fill the weakness at the Sam LB position. Provided we can shore up the SAM LB spot, he just becomes a liability in coverage with average speed.

What is surprising is that Kwame Harris and Michael Huff are still on the roster.

Expect Kwame to be cut eventually and Huff to possibly restructure.

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