Asomugha Signs Lockout Friendly Contract

Guess what Raider fans? We locked up Asomugha for three years. Really, it is voidable after two seasons. Unless we pay him the higher of $16.8 million in 2011 or the franchise number for QBs.

Here is the genius behind this contract. If the NFL owners lockout the players next season to avoid an uncapped year, Asomugha wont be paid for that season. When an agreement is worked out, it is likely the contract will be pushed back a year or will go into the voidable third year. If in negotiations, the league and players union abolish the franchise tag, it will only be the $16.8 million number. With the likelihood of a rookie wage scale, proven NFL veteran contracts will skyrocket, making $16.8 million a discount for a guy like Asomugha. This is a lockout friendly contract. With the guarantees in the first two years there is a good chance it isn’t all in the form of a signing bonus, which is also lockout friendly.

Contracts have never gotten in the way of what we have tried to do. When everybody in the silver building on Harbor Bay Parkway are lawyers, you know our contracts are well structured, even if we give too much up-front money. The Raiders continue to be salary cap wizards and that wont change. Everyone including myself thought Condon would try to at least leverage his two clients to get one out of town, but in the end, they both signed on to stay.

Al Davis has lost it boys, he has locked up the two probowl players we had and also resigned a guy who proved his worth with solid play and a commitment to the team. On a side note: Asomugha must be at least a little impressed with the new coaching staff, or why wouldn’t he sign the huge franchise tender to hamstring our cap and leave after the season? Keep in mind he has made a home in the east bay since college and so why would he want to leave? He didn’t and now he remains a Raider.

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