Cable and the Misfits

Well, I couldn’t go more than two weeks.

There has been a variety of things that have happened over this span, not least of which is an exotic assembling of a football staff without a Head Coach.

It is believed that Cable will be the guy, but why hasn’t he been named?

The only logical solution is we want to interview coaches from the Super Bowl teams. Assistants, etc. Davis can interview any of them as long as it is for HC. If he signs Cable he wouldn’t be able to interview any of them that are under contract.

So Cable operates as the HC, with the only thing standing in his way a Tomlinesque interview and that person also willing to take on an Al Davis assembled coaching staff.

This is why I believe it will ultimately be Cable and also why the sports media can report it as true even though Al Davis denies it. This is basically the same scenario as with Art Shell’s firing, it was a very probable certainty, and league sources can confirm these near certainties.

So what is to like about Tom Cable? One of his best qualities was his ability to admit a mistake. Although he hung on to Kwame Harris too long, he ultimately turned it over to Henderson and was rewarded. I also liked his playcalling, he was coaching as if he had nothing to lose. Lets hope that wasn’t because he really didn’t have much to lose, but because he has a pair.

Cable also doesn’t seem to be one of these ego driven coaches. It takes a smaller ego and a bigger pair to coach for Al Davis. Your going to have to charge into Al’s office, state your case, have Al state his, retort, retort, retort, etc. Davis will let you win some and some you will lose. If your ego gets bent out of shape because your boss doesn’t let you do it your way, than there is going to be issues. Cable is one of the few types of guys that could coach for Davis.

The NFL is a strange game, because the Head Coach is supposed to be the head of your football team. Coaches get this idea in their heads. They get the title and their ego balloons to Blagojevich proportions. In Oakland, Al Davis will always be the head until he dies, it is a different style than many other teams use, but that doesn’t make it wrong or incapable of success.

Think of it like this: There is the Zone Blocking System and the Drive Blocking System. Certain lineman are better suited to play one or the other. Few can do both of them well. In this same way with Oakland Raiders Head Coaches. The mistake we make is trying to make the Kevin Boothe’s of the world be Zone Blocking lineman.

Cable is the right man for the job, I am far more concerned about the coordinators.

QB Coach Paul Hackett. You have to wonder what his relationship is with Mr. Davis. I do like his reputation as a QB guru and he has a lot of experience to draw from in order to help JaMarcus. I feel like Hackett is one of the few guys that has seen JaMarcus Russell type of players before, so he knows how to put them into the position to succeed.

It looks like Saunders may have spurned the Raiders. It would have been interesting anyway, with Saunders and Hackett attempting to work together, despite obviously polarized styles.

My biggest question mark will be at defensive coordinator. This is the side of the ball where Al Davis likes to meddle a little. Will Davis hire a coach who is willing to defy his own scheme wishes? Or will he hire a puppet, who will frustrate the players because he never stands up to Al Davis? To me this is the pivotal coaching decision now that QB Coach is done. Who will lead our talented defensive core?

John Marshall is the latest candidate. Who is he?
2008 DC: NFL RANK: 30
2007 DC: NFL RANK: 9
2006 DC: NFL RANK: 19
2005 LB Coach: NFL RANK: 2
2004 LB Coach: NFL RANK: 8
2003 LB Coach: NFL RANK: 19
2002 LB Coach: NFL RANK: 29
2001 DC: NFL RANK: 31
2000 DC: NFL RANK: 27
1999 DC: NFL RANK: 26
1998 DC: NFL RANK: 22
1997 DC: NFL RANK: 1

Overall looks like a body of work in the C+/B- range.

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