The Cable Man Has Rare Five Quality Blend

First off. I keep hearing this and it drives me crazy. Please please please watch out what you read and who you listen to when it comes to Raiders analysis. This team doesn’t lack talent. That is a myth. They have just as much as every other NFL team. Some people think they might be more talented than a lot of teams. It is system, culture, and discipline. Not necessarily penalties, but discipline of gap assignments, coverage assignments, etc. Part of that is youth, part of it is accountability and leadership. This goes for most NFL teams.

Draft Notes:

I honestly think Morrison moving to OLB and drafting Maualuga would be a great move or picking up Aaron Curry.

Coaching Search:

In general, the same people that complain about the firing of Kiffin want Cable gone. Isn’t that a contradiction? People wanted Kiffin because of “continuity,” but they also want to chuck Cable who is our last piece of coaching continuity from last season?

If you want continuity, you want Cable.

People need to get over wanting a GM and HC that “run” the organization. It will be run by Al Davis until death. At that time, Mark Davis will hire Parcells or somebody Al Davis trusted and respected to run the football side while Trask and M. Davis run the other side.

Cable is probably one of the better options we have because he possesses a rare five quality blend.

-Fresh (New-er HC)
-Continuity (System doesn’t alter significantly)
-Known Commodity (You have seen what he is like as a head coach)
-Non Re-tread (Doesn’t have a history of failure)
-Gets along with Davis (Doesn’t have a huge ego, but is still a man)

These are five hard qualities to have as a potential HC of the Raiders. It is also why endorse Cable as the next Raiders head coach.

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