Chris Mortensen The Proffessional Liar

Chris Mortensen isn’t scoring any points with Al Davis. There is another case of Mort failing to get both sides of a story an reporting it as fact. Mortensen has tossed out the playbook for journalism as ESPN does on numerous occasions.

This is another example of ESPN creating a story. As a journalist no side of a story every loses the right to tell their side, even if it is always a denial or flat out lie. The public has that right to decide, not Chris Mortensen.

Mortensen I believe has many good sources that makes him good at what be does, but I Believe he has let his stature degrade his journalistic integrity.

It is sad, because I believe the Raiders deserve a say. From my observations the Raiders with a few tweaks here an there can maintain their sense of secrecy while also garnering some good will with the local and national media. The current method of dealing with the media is what brings about this kind of thing.

I don’t blame the Raiders, Kiffin played Mortensen. The Raiders in turn used Mortensen to support their cause firing. Mortensen will run with any bit of information from a single side of a story which shouldn’t be done. The best way to combat this is to actually use the media to combat this. A call to Jay Glazer with a different side of the story and an occasional tip will enable you to use the media to your advantage. You certainly don’t want a leaky ship, but planned leaks from certain sources can be beneficial.

Maybe I’ll be able to get a job with the Raiders this offseason. I was a week away from doing so last June. I appreciate the support.

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