Tom Condon vs Al Davis

What will become of Asomugha and Lechler? We simple cannot afford to keep them both. We can’t afford it, and we can’t prevent it. We can prevent Asomugha from leaving with the franchise tag or Lechler with the Transition or Franchise tender. With both guys represented by Tom Condon, it looks like Condon is going to use them both as leverage against the Raiders.

If we tag Nnamdi, Condon will get full market value for Lechler. He likely would prefer this. He won’t let Either sign a longterm deal before making the Raiders decide on a tag, because doing so would limit his leverage. So both won’t be back unless we drastically overpay for both.

The best option for Davis would be to attempt to trade one of them before he has to apply a tag. That we he can maintain the value, but teams aren’t going to trade for a punter knowing there is a good chance he is going to be on the open market for free.

What this means going forward is that the absolute best option would be trading Asomugha. I am as reluctant as anyone to do this, but in terms of getting value, this is the best way.

Here is the basic scenerios:

Overpay Asomugha and overpay Lechler one of them getting the tag
Tag Asomugha and let Lechler walk.
Trade Asomugha and tag/sign Lechler

I think as far as value is concerned the last option seems to be the best option.

Saving the big money will enable us to go after Peppers, Dansby, Briggs, etc or others to shore up the front 7. It hurts the secondary but wise drafting could easily net a good player. Plus FA and whatever we can get for Asomugha.

It enables us to address more needs while only taking a hit at one position. On a team with so many holes, making one hole to fill three or four others is wise.

Not losing the best punter will help an offense that isn’t likely to be explosive no matter what we get this offseason.

As early draft candidates I like the top LBs. Free agents on the radar: Peppers, Dansby if we don’t go that direction in the draft.

Whatever happens Al Davis is said to be making big changes, Overpaying both these guys doesn’t qualify, nor likely because of the power Condon will have.

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