Raider Nation = The Wounded Animal

Everybody knows how crazy Raider fans are. Everybody knows how die hard they are. Completely freakish and fanatical. In some cases even criminal. We have always been a group of nastiness. We are the bad boys of the NFL. This all developed because the Raiders used to be the bad boys of the NFL. Every teenage boy in the 1970s wanted to be a Raider. The rebel, the nasty bad ass mother. Raiders fans are wired different. We are the kind of fans that fly of the handle when a coach calls a fake FG run to the 290 lb kicker on 4th and 10, because we should be knocking around the other team so badly that we don’t need to go for it in that situation.

That is who the fans are and what the team used to be. My friends, that isn’t the Raiders team anymore. They quit in the Atlanta game, they quit in the San Diego game, and they probably quit even more than that. Certainly it isn’t every player, but when you are talking about the team, collectively they quit. McFadden has even caught the fever. Lelie caught the fever. It is a spreading disease on our team that has caused our demise of the past 6 years, and really dates back to the 1980s.

Our fans took on the persona of the team in the 1970s. Shall we do the same know and quit like they have? I say no. I have heard many a person say they are switching teams this season. Leaving the Raider Nation is not an option. The reason, because then as men, we are no more than laughing players in a losing locker room. We are lesser men. We are quitters as they are. No real man quits when he is behind, he fights to the death. That is why “Raider Nation ’til I Die” couldn’t be more true. You complain about how the Raiders quit, and then you quit? Coward you are!!!!

As Raider Nation now is the time to act. We must force the team to take on our persona now. They have no other place to get it from, it has demoralized and infected every player, even if it hasn’t killed them yet.

How do we do it?

As fans, we really have only one option.

We cancel our season tickets and refuse to attend games. We can’t support a team like this. That isn’t quitting on them, it is just one of the few ways we can make our voices heard. Often times a hit in the pocket book wakes people up. If Al Davis is hit in the pocket book, maybe he will make a radical change. A radical change is what is needed to terminate the losing culture.

If you have other ideas, I am all ears errr eyes. Comments are very appreciated!

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