2nd quarter summary 2

Vincent Jackson long TD.


I'm out. I can't watch this terrible play.

Seriously it hurts me physically.

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  • @thatguysteve16 @Cianaf Angles>Math
    about 5 hours ago
  • @JoeMo67 @Cianaf Huh? It's one block IF the CB turns and runs. Mariota should check, but he was fooled.
    about 6 hours ago
  • If the block is made and the other corner turns and runs as Raiders often do in Cover 3, big play. https://t.co/z8MGy5siCG
    about 6 hours ago
  • Monday after coffee and a win... https://t.co/xK6xWzior2
    about 6 hours ago
  • Coffee on a Monday after a loss... https://t.co/5bSN4AZVyM
    about 6 hours ago