Raiders Give Away the Game, Lose to Chiefs, 20-13

Talk about a sour taste. Losing to a one win team. Nasty taste. Losing a one win Chiefs, tastes like rotting, spoiled, sat in the sun on a hot summer day, chunky, vomit.

Well, it wasn’t all bad. The defense gave up just 13 points (7 was the fumbled fake FG). That gives the Raiders defense something to be proud of. The loss, doesn’t hurt us that badly, because Denver won in New York and put us in too large of a hole to climb out of. I don’t think anyone really expected us to make a run, but mathematically, it wasn’t the longest of shots. Now it is and we can put that thought to bed.

Last four games in pts allowed: 17, 17, 10, 13

This kind of defensive performance is more than enough to win most of the time. Unfortunately, the offense hasn’t shown up in any game except in Denver. People need to stop whining about Ron Ryan. When we are able to consistently play man, we are an above average defense that flashes greatness.

Fargas fumble hurt, because it came a crucial time in the game. The creativity was nice, but what the hell prompted Cable to run a fake FG on a 4th and 10 to Seabass? McFadden can probably run 20 before Seabass can run ten. That call was questionable even if it didn’t result in a fumble for a TD, which ended up making the difference in the game.

I am not sure what to make of Russell. At times he would get very hot and throw nice crisp passes and then he gets into a funk and can’t seem to throw an accurate pass to save his life.

Kwame continues to make his presence felt. For an offensive lineman, that isn;t a good thing.

McFadden seemed a bit under utilized. When he did come into the game he always got the ball and the defense was able to key on him. Fargas continues to start and play because he is the better blocker. Which unfortunately is needed thanks to the aforementioned Kwame Harris.

Lechler was unusually off today. Not sure if the flip the Seabass was his fault, but considering the type of day he had, I wouldn’t be surprised. A rare off day for our great punter.

The fact that I just had to mention our punter is depressing in itself.

There wasn’t much good to say.

My props: Chris Johnson for being a solid CB opposite Aso, Justin Fargas for getting his first TD, and Tony Gonzalez, if Nnamdi can’t cover him can anyone?

My hate: Kwame Harris for being consistently horrible, Cable for running that terrible fake FG, Fargas for fumbling away our chance to comeback, and Russell for not turning the corner like we all wanted him to.

That is all for now, go break something like I plan to.

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