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Rousing Raiders Victory Will Be Memorable

The last game of the season is always flavorful. For playoff teams that don’t win the Super Bowl, they are left with a sour taste in their mouths and are eager to return. For the Super Bowl Champions a sweet

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Win It For Philly

I once heard a national writer talk about the best NFL fans. They mistakenly gave the Raiders #2 behind Eagles fans. In 2008 ESPN did an embarrassing one, but that is the four letter word, I’ll save that for another

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Raiders Crush Texans. Cable Seeing the Light?

You have to wonder how far off this team is. In my opinion, the talent is there, in a lot of places. There are certainly holes, there are certainly weaknesses. Henderson has been playing very well. Fans clamored for that

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Tom Condon vs Al Davis

What will become of Asomugha and Lechler? We simple cannot afford to keep them both. We can’t afford it, and we can’t prevent it. We can prevent Asomugha from leaving with the franchise tag or Lechler with the Transition or

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Raider Nation = The Wounded Animal

Everybody knows how crazy Raider fans are. Everybody knows how die hard they are. Completely freakish and fanatical. In some cases even criminal. We have always been a group of nastiness. We are the bad boys of the NFL. This

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2nd quarter summary 2

Vincent Jackson long TD. 24-0 I'm out. I can't watch this terrible play. Seriously it hurts me physically.

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2nd Quarter Summary 1

Sproles easily makes it to the endOne on the screen pass. Pathetic. Kwame Harris strikes again. I hate him more than anybody now. Russell another turnover. Has he taken two steps back or what? We are losing this game more

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1st quarter summary update

Stupid mobile blogging software is acting up. Two major things: Russell fumble was clearly a tuck rule. Tommy Kelly cost us a touchdown with his personal foul. I'd sit his ass down all game for that. So far a stinker

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Raiders Give Away the Game, Lose to Chiefs, 20-13

Talk about a sour taste. Losing to a one win team. Nasty taste. Losing a one win Chiefs, tastes like rotting, spoiled, sat in the sun on a hot summer day, chunky, vomit. Well, it wasn’t all bad. The defense

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