Raiders Score 3 TDs, Crush The Broncos

It was a satisfying win. Sweet revenge after the week one debacle. As has been my practice recently, instead of tell you what you should think or what happened, which undoubtedly you watched it yourself or already know. I will just give you some of my observations. Feel free to add your own in the comments. I will post any good ones that I happened to miss.

– The defense has been very good three weeks in a row. Against teams that have different strengths and weaknesses. No Hall, No zone, No joke.

– Russell is looking very crisp with his reads and throws. The stats are reflecting the improvement. HE still hasn’t been allowed to throw it a ton, but I do like that he takes care of the ball and has been able to get it deep into the secondary.

– The lack of creativity on offense is bothersome. I don’t think I am the only one who noticed that once the playbook was opened up, the offense started to roll. Hopefully we can keep the diversity in playcalling going into future weeks.

– If the lack of creativity was due to the lack of McFadden, should one player make such a big difference in the way you call a game? I think not, but I understand the perspective.

– Fargas although he runs tough an racked up nice yardage late in the game, was struggling with the tough yards. He couldn’t punch it in at the goal line, he couldn’t pick up 3rd and 2. Overall, I think the lack of Fargas speed makes it easy to key on him without McFadden or Bush in the game.

– Bush seemed to embrace the FB thing, he was on he field more. He threw a bad pass even, thanks Zach Miller! Having more RB weapons in the backfield surely made it harder to defend.

– Don’t get me started on the roughing the passer penalties. Are QBs not football players?

– Russell is right in line with the conventional wisdom of when young QBs start to figure it out. This used to be the norm. Now it seems to be on hte back burner. Anyone who even alluded to Russell being a bust needs to really evaluate the history of QBs in this league. Also looks at Russell’s stats from the past few weeks.

– Appears we escaped without any major injuries, knock on wood. Should bode well going forward.

– For the extreme optimists = The Fat Lady isn’t signing.

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