Bush Should Be Open to FB

Anyone should be able to understand Bush’s feelings about being a fullback. Fullbacks are disappearing in the NFL. They are second class citizens as far as some personnel men are concerned. Most teams don’t even use a fullback these days and are opting to spend the money on a third good receiver to spread things out. The last thing Bush wants is to get stuck playing fullback and be out of a job. In his mind, this is what a fullback is.

However, getting Bush onto the field as a fullback could potentially put all three of our runningbacks on the field at the same time. Which is putting our best weapons out there together. McFadden in the slot and Bush and Fargas in the backfield, would be one running formation they might be able to use. Another would be the Wildcat formation with McFadden as the QB and Bush and Fargas behind him. Bush could potentially run some wildcat as well with Fargas and McFadden lined up on the field. There are a variety of ways Bush can get involved as a fullback. He can run out of the backfield and catch a pass. Defenses will have to account for him getting handoffs as well.

The biggest reason why Bush doesn’t need to worry about being stuck in the role is because we will have Oren O’Neal and Justin Griffith coming back next season. Both are very good fullbacks. Has anyone else noticed we have struggled to run since O’Neal went out and have been unable to run since Griffith went out? This is no coincidence.

Bush needs to be open to playing fullback, because he will get on the field, make our offense better and improve his skills as a runningback. Plenty of good runningbacks played fullback before runningback. In this system especially, the fullback is a ballcarriers without the ball. How much faster will Bush be able ot make his reads as a runningback after he plays fullback.

All of this said, I think the coaches need to sell it to him more. Maybe they can sell the idea by calling the position a H-back. I know technically wouldn’t be correct, but I believe Bush’s fear is getting stuck at “fullback.” Giving him some assurances as to opportunity to contribute would also be something that also might motivate Bush.

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