Losses Pile Up, Improvement Not Enough

I think we learned a couple things from last game. I just hope the team learned more than we did. We witnessed some improvement, but it wasn’t even in line with the improvement we saw under Kiffin. I wasn’t a huge fan of Kiffin, but I am a fan of consistency. Instead of a long boring post me telling you why I am God and my opinions mean more than yours (like the beat writers) I will instead just bullet some obvious, yet somewhat ignored facts.

– Since releasing Hall,  we have almost played exclusively man coverage, and the defense has been much better for it.
– Except at the end of games, and look what happens. Stop it Ryan!
– Russell will be fine given offensive pieces to succeed.
– Curry being deactivated doesn’t make any sense. He can play. I am pretty sure it is Curry’s attitude that kept him off the field.
– Harris and Henderson are HORRIBLE, anybody can see that, this is priority #1 this offseason.
– We are still a better team than we have shown, on any given day that the defense shows up and Harris holds up, we can win.

So what happens if we win the next three?

A lot of that depends on what the other three do in their games, but as sick as it sounds, if we win the next three, we are probably again in the thick of our division.

I don’t think this is probably, possible, or even likely, but you always have to wonder what might happen when we have McFadden healthy and Russell hitting the area of the season where he should be starting to understand a bit more. The defense has been playing good enought to keep us in most games. It is a sick hope, which I just can’t believe. I do however hope the team buys it. As hard as it has been to watch this season, I can’t watch players who quit. That drives me crazy. It has happened twice this season already and one more time might drive us all over the cliff. That or cause us to drink huge volumes of Jack.

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