2009 Coaching List: Possible to Unlikely

Jim Harbaugh – College Record 37-17 He has a mature relationship with Al Davis. Will that be enough to turn anything around? I think the good news is he would be a lot like Kiffin, but without the super ego and selfish throwing Davis under the bus mentality.

Jim Fassel – NFL Record 60-56-1 – Crazy enough to take the job. Al Davis has looked at him multiple times in the past. Probably a pretty good coach in relative terms. He would do anything to get another shot. He has probably done a lot of thinking about what he did wrong and right in the past. Might be a good gamble.

James Lofton – NO HC EXPERIENCE – Davis hired him to coach WR. Cable was given the job over him mostly because of Knapp and the other coaches. Davis couldn’t afford to have half of his coaches walk midseason. He merits another interview, but I think Davis will hesitate considering the lack of WR production this season.

Dennis Green – NFL Record 117-102 – Has been on the Davis radar for sometime now. I get the feeling he may not be any longer. Also, if you listen to Jeremy Green (His son) talk, he says a respectable coach would be crazy to take it. Does he think his old man is crazy?

Bill Cowher – NFL Record 149-90-1 – Would need full control to take the job and some kind of contractual meddling guarantee. I’ve heard him talk and it doesn’t sound like he likes Davis so much. In fact he is one of the few that doesn’t throw in the expected, “Davis has done a lot for this league…” Still, he is one of the guys out there that could be had with a huge offer (Which is also out of Davis’ character).

Pete Carroll – NFL Record 34-33, College Record 83-15 -The one sleeper or unexpected candidate that could rise to to the top. He would want full control, but the guy has nothing to lose. He would have any college job he wanted should he fail again. If he got full control he wouldn’t be able to blame Davis. I don’t know how big Pete likes to think, but he could turn into a coaching LEGEND should he turn the Raiders into a Super Bowl contender. That makes me wonder. Has any coach ever won the College National Championship and the Super Bowl? He doesn’t have an existing relationship with Davis and it would take money, lots of money. Still, he is out there and we don’t know how desperate Davis is at this point.

Marty Schottenheimer – NFL Record 205-139-1 – Wouldn’t this be shocking? How is this guy unemployed? Career record of 205-139-1! That is a long proven history of winning and he would command a lot of respect just by name alone. Schott gave Cam Cameron, Bill Cowher, Herm Edwards (lol), Tony Dungy, Mike McCarthy, and Wade Phillips their first coaching jobs. He doesn’t exactly have the right kind of attitude to work with Davis. I am pretty sure he hates Al Davis with a passion. Still, you can’t really beat this guys’ resume. Might be the biggest shocker of them all if it happened, but you know, Al Davis has done us worse. Javon Walker, anyone? Sure he hasn’t won in the postseason, but if anything, let him identify your next HC for you and let him retire in a few years (he is already 65).

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