Hall out? 15 others gone by year end?

PFT, NFL Network, and our own hometown papers have reported that DeAngelo Hall could be gone as soon as tomorrow.

Wow. Simply Wow. Good for Al Davis if this is true. He is is admitting mistakes. Call this the purge year. Purge Kiffin, purge all these guys that Kiffin wanted to bring in. That is how Davis is going to spin it anyways.

Hall is a cover 2 guy, he isn’t fit for this system, get him out while you still can. Pay Asomugha. That guy is gold.

Curry should be cut, Walker also. Kelly maybe. Harris? Sands? 15 is a lot, but it may not be immediate, you have to field a team after all. Maybe Hall will be a message to some guys that you either play well or say farewell.

I think Huff is somebody we aren’t too happy with, but for some reason I think maybe a move to CB in this system could benefit him. Call it a hunch on my part, but I wouldn’t be disappointed if he was cut as well. He always seemed to play better up on the line against Gates than anytime he had to sit back as a safety. He was projected to be a corner coming out of college. It is worth a shot I think.

Addition by subtraction. Hall meets door. Ass meets foot. Goodbye.

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  • @AllbrightNFL Ouch.
    about 1 hour ago
  • Not strange. Rodgers didn't win OPOY. RT @stevenlourie So Tony Dungy voted for Bobby Wagner for MVP but not Defensive Player of the Year?
    about 1 hour ago
  • @theprophecy005 @mortreport Oh geez. Please go.
    about 1 hour ago
  • If you didn't sense my sarcasm...Peyton Manning is coming back...so it's just a formal announcement we are waiting on.
    about 1 hour ago
  • @theprophecy005 @mortreport 11 of 12. Right. 2 PSI under. Right. All 11 under 2 PSI, potentially wrong. We'll see what a "few ticks" mean.
    about 1 hour ago