Black Monday: Blackout Looms After Another Debacle

– Wilson thinks we practice like a Super Bowl team and play like a laughingstock and doesn’t understand it.

We wish you could figure it out and tell us, we don’t understand it either. Do something about that will you?

– Asomugha isn’t happy we can’t stop the run.

He dominates his side of the field only to have the rest of the defense sit on their hands, of course he is upset. Is he calling out his teammates? I hope so. First things first you need to call out Mr. Hall.

– Hall had his ex-Atlanta teammates over to his house Saturday BEFORE the game.

DeAngelo, you have to play against those guys the next day. Talk about sleeping with the enemy. Sunday night after we win, then you invite them over. Jackass. Oh, and you might want to learn to play a little cornerback too. Did you leave your playbook on the coffee table?

-Kirk Morrison is a captain…"Captain Positive."

At some point Kirk, you are going to have to call out some guys for not getting the job done, yourself included. Ray Lewis doesn’t tolerate poor effort, if you ever hope to be one of the games top MLB, you need to adopt the same attitude. We love you, but there shouldn’t be any optimism after a game like that.

There isn’t much to say about the game, but these are things that really got to me. That, and the complete lack of effort from the defense in the first half.

Rob Ryan needs to go. It isn’t that his system is that bad, it isn’t because his gameplans are so hit and miss, it isn’t even because he consistently can’t get it done. I guess it is that last one, but more than that, I don’t think he can’t get the defense up to play anymore. The players are starting to tune the guy out. He is a players coach, so they love him, but this defense needs somebody that isn’t so player friendly and that is going to ride their ass until they start playing better. Ryan has tried adapting to Hall because he can’t man cover, and every time we play zone something bad happens.

I feel bad for the offensive line. That group isn’t greatly talented to begin with, and they really have no chance when the defense forces them into pass protection the whole game. When they can’t protect Russell, he isn’t going to have a chance at getting anything going not when he has a group of WR that not only aren’t very good, but aren’t trying very hard.

Halfway Evaluation:

McFadden – Hurt Too Much, We haven’t even seen everything he can do.
Hall – Burnt Up Corner Bust
Walker – No Knees, No TD’s, Should have received no Gs
Kelly – Running D Improved? Nope.
Wilson – About what I expected, except on a worse defense.

O’Neal being out, I think I said this was probably the biggest loss for our running game we could have had.
Griffith being out, He was the pass blocking back and that will be a huge loss for our passing game and therefore a big loss for Russell and Zack Miller.

Green and Harris need to be replaced ASAP. Gallery, Grove, Carlisle are getting it done in the middle for the most part.

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