Cable Learning On-The-Fly

It was in heart-stopping fashion, but Cable has his first win. Sebastian Janikowski booted a 57-yard field goal late in overtime. We did everything possible to lose. Daring Brett Favre to beat you isn’t the strategy I would take. Favre had two opportunities in the fourth quarter and three in overtime.

To the defense’s credit, they managed to only give up three points on the five possessions, but letting the Jets get into field goal range starting from their five yard-line proves how far we still need to go.

There were some positive signs. We actually threw a few passes to wide receivers, the defense was pretty stout on the day and Asomugha got moved around the field in an attempt to confuse Farve and get some passes thrown his way. The latter still didn’t happen.

Some might argue that the Jets ran the ball well, but when you are getting yards on third and long, you aren’t too concerned. Bottom-line is we gave up only ten points.

The offense wasn’t exactly dynamic. However, the Jets are very stout against the run, and on days where we can run the ball better, we might be able to manufacture more points with a balanced attack. I see a similar game coming next week against the Ravens. Stout against the run, but can be had through the air, with a weaker offense than the Jets.

I think the receivers could potentially get better if we just throw some passes at them. Walker seemed frustrated that he just wasn’t getting passes thrown his way before Sunday. I don’t blame him. When you don’t pass much, it is hard to build confidence or comfort. No matter how much you do in practice, sometimes you just have to use the game to get into a groove. Russell proved that he can escape pressure to find receivers down-field give ample opportunity.

You have to feel good about a W, any way you can get it.

Cable did a great job handing out gameballs. Russell, Seabass, and on Monday Grove.

Grove manhandled Jenkins most of the day. He did it mostly solo. This was the type of player Grove had traditionally struggled with. I wonder if Grove is turning the corner as an NFL starting Center? Russell did just enough to win and he protected the ball, a gameball is only necessary to build his confidence. Seabass, obviously for the winning kick.

DeAngelo hall had a pretty solid game. He appears to be finding his groove in this defense. Naturally he has had some adjustment to playing man because he likes to read the QB and play off a little more. I noticed he has reeled it into about 5 yards off and he isn’t starring into the backfield for as long as he has been. It is subtle, but I think it is making a difference for him.

Trevor Scott was impressive and I think he really can help keep the ends fresh late in games if he can continue to produce.

Sorry for the tardiness of this post as I got back from Oakland late and I have a day job.

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