Month: October 2008

Raiders Crushed by Ravens 29-10

Brace yourselves for blackouts local fans. 2-5 is hardly the kind of product that people are going to pay $100 to watch. With the most recent installment of Raider Football ending in a complete destruction what can you expect. It

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Cable Learning On-The-Fly

It was in heart-stopping fashion, but Cable has his first win. Sebastian Janikowski booted a 57-yard field goal late in overtime. We did everything possible to lose. Daring Brett Favre to beat you isn’t the strategy I would take. Favre

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Raider Magnets

I have an extreme dislike of Raider Magnets. If your going to brand your vehicle put a sticker on the window. I give the fans credit to come see this team, but if you want to gain Raider Nation Cred

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Week 7 Preview: Russell to Chaz “Michaels Michaels” Schilens

Well well well, Schilens is starting over Curry. This is a great thing. Schilens size and speed make him a better outside target and Curry thrives in the slot. Too bad we have Yvonne Walker still will start, catch two

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One Important Note

We have a new coach, who wants more balance and not "run, run, run, punt." This is a good sign. This isn’t like we have to revamp the entire staff. Besides Kiffin, the entire staff is in place. We shouldn’t

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The Truth: Read Between the Lies

If your looking for the truth in all of this, your not going to find it. Who is telling the truth? Are they both lying? Is it possible both are telling the truth? Well, this post is going to directly

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Tom Cable on Sports 1140 KHTK at 4:30 p.m.

Tom Cable will be on Sports 1140 KHTK in Sacramento at 4:30 p.m with Grant Napear and Mike Lamb. You can stream it online at Check it out if you can.

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