Month: September 2008

Kiffin Fired Reports Unconfirmed

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports and Espn both are reporting Kiffin will be fired or “removed” from the head coaching position. I don’t like the situation. Do I love Kiddin? No. Do I love Davis for making a coaching change

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Does the Whole Thing Unravel From Here?

Pretty demoralizing loss. There will be those who put the blame on Rob Ryan. Others Kiffin or Davis. Some maybe even on the players. They all deserve for this loss to be put on their shoulders. It is sobering to

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Final: Raiders 23, Bills 24 = Kiffin Fired

The most unbelievable loss I have seen in years. Two timeouts and you don’t ice the kicker. If ever Kiffin played this one not to lose, he did it, and it is going to cost him his job. How you

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Third Quarter: Raiders 16, Bills 7

It looks like they took my advice and McFadden is running without the need of hard cuts. Defense is looking stellar. I guess Morrison and Howard petitioned Ryan to be more aggresive. Boy has it paid off so far. Offense

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Halftime: Raiders 9, Bills 7

McFadden is still having trouble cutting. Bush has been far more effective running the ball. Maybe we need to get McFadden going north south. A small let down is settling for three field goals, but the defense has been good

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1st Quarter: Raiders 6, Bills 0

It looks like McFadden is having a tough time cutting on his foot. Perhaps it’s just the turf, but he hasn’t been seen since. Raiders defense is giving the Bills fits. Can’t help but love the returns by JLH. Playcalling

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Could it be, Al Davis?

Could it be Al Davis loves negative press? Michael Silver’s article today highlights the culture that is Al Davis. Is he right? Well, he is if you buy into a lot of the stuff he says. He is if you

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Keep Kiffin Website

It has come to my attention that a certain keep Kiffin website has garnered national attention. Numerous emails from Raider Nation made it possible to get the exposure from places such as ESPN is likely next. It isn’t always

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Team Rep Hands Out Kreidler Article

David White of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that a team administrator handed out copies of Mark Kreidler’s recent ESPN article. Wow! This is getting ugly. Kiffin is gone very soon in my estimation. Not to mention McFadden is wearing

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Control What You Can Control Pt. 2

People may be missing my point. I’m not saying we are all the sudden more successful than the teams who haven’t been to the Superbowl. We have on fact been the worst. The point of including that was to point

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