Chargers Steal One of Few Quality DT’s Available

Just when we lose Gerrard Warren to injury and need to look places for serviceable DT’s, the Chargers gobble one of them up.

Mike Florio of reports the Chargers have signed Ian Scott.

It’s too bad, we could have used his beef up the middle.

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  • Oof.
    about 26 mins ago
  • @aldavis1225 basically anything not concerning bones, roughly.
    about 27 mins ago
  • @emdub52 @RAIDERS Many reasons, but one major one is practices aren't open to the public. Fewer eyeballs.
    about 36 mins ago
  • @Chris_Barker Just the way guys are built.
    about 37 mins ago
  • First, the body of it is not even cold yet. Two, they'll be another one just like it next year.
    about 38 mins ago