Kiffin gets another day

For reasons still a mystery Al Davis is dragging his feet on the firing of Kiffin. Not very Al Davis like to be so indecisive. My guess all along was that if it happened he would do it on the bye. My guess is still winning cures all qualms when it comes to Al Davis.

I thought 2-2 would be enough for Kiffin to survive the bye week. It still might. I would think a decisive home victory against the Chargers would do it. 2-2 at the bye I could see Davis go either way.

I think some people miscategorize Davis. He cares about winning first and foremost. If Kiffin wins, Davis’ problem with him is pushed to the back burner until that time he stops winning. Right now Kiffin isn’t winning, and he is making rookie mistakes.

Davis would prefer Kiffin win, so Davis can say, ” I told you so,” when it comes to personnel. If he wins Davis also isn’t forced to fire Kiffin and pay two head coach salaries.

Davis just wants winning not whinning. The sooner he gets that the better Kiffin’s chances.

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  • No. RT @Limit_Brennen: @ChrisHansenNFL rather see Marcus Cooper back in at CB, Parker rotational safety & sub-package
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