Does the Whole Thing Unravel From Here?

Pretty demoralizing loss. There will be those who put the blame on Rob Ryan. Others Kiffin or Davis. Some maybe even on the players. They all deserve for this loss to be put on their shoulders. It is sobering to lose like this. A quiet plane ride across the country should be particularly sobering. Plenty of reflection time for all the parties involved.

There is a good chance that it all unravels from here. Not to sound overly negative on an already negative day, but with all the front office turmoil you have to wonder if the coaching staff and players have enough veteran leadership to hold things together. On Friday, Tim Brown raised the question about whether the Raiders could hold it together under Kiffin Watch 2008. After today, can they hold it together after a tough loss?

Firing Kiffin could get the ball of string rolling towards oblivion. Who exactly is this team going to rally around? If Kiffin lasts, which would be in serious doubt after today’s choke job, can this team rally around the coach? If Davis fires Kiffin, can the team rally around a new coach?

The Raiders are in a pretty fragile position. Sink or Swim? Despite the loss, the game has to be viewed as a step in the right direction after the week one debacle and the blowout of the co-worst team in the NFL.

Game Notes.

– Wilson got tossed for an open-handed push to Marshawn Lynch’s face. Pretty weak, and we missed him in the middle at the end of the game.
– McFadden clearly was feeling the effects of his turf toe injury. He was having a very hard time cutting on the field turf.
– Russell continued to struggle, but it wasn’t as if he had a ton of open receivers. He has shown he can learn quick. I wonder why the coaching staff isn’t willing to let him make more mistakes so he can learn on the fly?
– Walker made two quick catches and disappeared for the rest of the game.
– Miller was targeted once and caught zero passes.
– The offensive playcalling was conservative for the entire game, not just late. The lack of creativity made everything we did late as if we told the defense what running plays were we calling.
– Al Davis appeared unimpressed by the 9 point leads. For good reason.
– The shift in defensive scheme wasn’t entirely for no good reason. Trent Edwards Touchdown pass to Roscoe Parrish came when he had a six or seven man rush. Why we didn’t stick with more pressure to create something was likely do to the bend don’t break Rob Ryan Philosophy. Ryan and Kiffin aren’t so dissimilar in that area.

Going to try and do a podcast this week if I can…

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