Week 1 Reflections: The Days of Our Lives

Its been five days since the Raiders 41-14 debacle at McAfee. I’ve chosen to reflect a lot and listen this week to what fans and the media are saying.

Its mostly Armageddon in the media and with fans. Seriously, its just one game. Was it embarrassing? Yes. Was it horrible? Yes. Did we get abused in almost ever area of the game? Yes. HOWEVER I must remind everyone that a loss, is a loss, is a loss. The fact remains that a one point loss it the same as a 50-point loss. We shouldn’t go over the top and quit on the Nation. After all, if you quit, you’re never allowed back in, at least not completely.

I’ve heard numerous people say that if Lane Kiffin loses this week he will be fired. Do I think that Lane deserves that? Maybe. Do I think that Al Davis will fire him if we go 0-2? Maybe. Nothing would ever surprise me with Al Davis. However, I think Mr. Davis doesn’t want to give Lane Kiffin that money to do nothing. That said, I think Kiffin has until the buy week to produce a .500 record. Every game we lose is a step closer to not achieving that feat.

Firing Kiffin on the bye week gives the new coach, whoever it is, time to regroup and gameplan, etc. My guess is Ryan, Lofton, and Knapp are the likely suitors for the job.

I think it is time someone called out Lane for his behavior. I’ll be the one to do it. Everyone has been saying, “You can’t blame Lane for being displeased with how Al Davis runs his team.”

Bull. Al Davis owns the team and is paying your butt $2 million to lose, disrespect him and disrespect his management style? It is like the disgruntled employee at the retail store. If you hate it enough, quit. If not, keep your mouth shut.

Do I agree with Al Davis? No. However, Al Davis is necessarily receiving the bulk of the blame here, as well as Rob Ryan. Ryan sucked last week, but there is a reason he will get a job as soon as he is fired. There is a reason his players and other coaches respect him. Kiffin got his shot with Al Davis, and blew it. Davis would likely give him another shot at it in the future if Kiffin could act like an adult and not throw tantrums in the media. Because of Lane’s toddler tantrum, he isn’t likely to ever get another NFL job.

This public feud is becoming annoying to me. Do I care? No. Laughing stock? Yes, but not because of anything but on field performance. Sports are turning into one big frickin’ daytime Soap Opera. This is the biggest one right now.

The one thing I care about is winning, which we haven’t done. I blame Kiffin, Ryan, Davis, Knapp, and the players equally. They all didn’t get it done and haven’t in some time.

End this daytime Soap and get back to frickin’ work!!!!

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