Lelie Signed, Jackson Leaves, Robinson Next?

Lelie is officially a Raider and William Joseph was cut to make room for him.

I question how Lelie can help this team. If he could not make the 49ers poor group of WR, how would he help us? The answer to that is basically Martz who no longer needs the field stretching ability of Lelie, but I question if we will be able to use a WR like Lelie either. Russell has the arm, but Lelie doesn’t appear to be the kind of guy that can counted on and I don’t see us airing it out deep with any kind of frequency.

Chad Jackson left Oakland bound for Cincy. It doesn’t look like we had a serious interest in signing him, unless we could get him for cheap. Instead Jackson goes to Cincy who is planning for the worst in case Ocho Cinco’s shoulder becomes a bigger problem.

I’m not sure Jackson was a great option to begin with, because he has an attitude and would likely displace Schilens or Watkins who deserved to make this roster with solid preseasons. It might send the wrong message.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, signing Koren Robinson after week one is the best current option at WR. His salary is not guaranteed after week one and because he is a vet adds needed experience. He could return kicks while Branch has the cast and could immediately help as a WR nearly as talented as any we have.

Koren is also familiar with the west coast system having learned it in Green Bay and Seattle.

Here is something linking us to him just a few months ago.

We’ve had interest, but my guess is we wouldn’t want to give him anything guaranteed in case he screwed up again. I think he really has cleaned up based on his Radio interview with Monty (A Raider Fan) on Sporting News Radio last month.

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